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The power of social media is formidable. With over 500 million people signed up to Twitter, and with the number increasing substantially year on year, there is a huge marketplace for businesses to explore. 60 percent of Twitter's global subscribers also use Twitter on their mobile device, which means they can keep up to date with news feeds that reflect their passions, even when they're on the move. The market is so large that a considerable number of accountants in London have begun to explore the medium, and this allows both the accountant and the accountant's followers to engage in conversation, before any professional agreement has even been made.

Many London accountants use Twitter to express their opinions on accountancy issues and topics which have been exposed in the public eye, and they will generally create debates and conversations on important accountancy issues of the time. The accountants will often inject personality and passion into their tweets and they will always look to explore interesting topics to attract new followers, and to retain their already gathered followers.

Twitter also allows accountants to engage with real people who are either interested in the field or looking for an accountant they believe has the ability to match their requirements. A follower can browse through each and every tweet an accountant has made, and this will allow the follower to gain a greater understanding of both the personality and the professional skills the accountant has.

Twitter is an excellent marketing tool for accountants, and it is also extremely helpful for potential clients. Clients can have a conversation with an accountant at any time, may it be professional or otherwise, and a great rapport can be achieved between client and accountant before any form of professional service has been offered. Clients looking for an accountant can also ask any questions they may have regarding accountancy on a personal or professional level, and clients will obtain a much more personal touch using Twitter rather than calling an accountant during standard office hours.

Many accountants in London have also started creating blogs to express, in-depth, their thoughts on important accountancy issues, what services they offer, and how they may differ from other accountants across the English capital. Many more have also signed up to directories which allows them to be discovered by potential clients who are in need of an accountant, and the directories, including this dedicated directory, will provide their potential clients with information relating to the company including their company website, contact details and a brief description of what services they have to offer.

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